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Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

Crypto auto trading
Auto-trade a professional day trader with 15+ years trading experience and a proven public trading record viewable here:

Bot Harmony

Sign up to Tokenbot to handle the auto-mirror-trading.

You’re giving the bot control of your money, so its important you know what you’re telling it to do (otherwise you could end up throwing it all away).

Open a BitMEX trading account:

Deposit bitcoin into your BitMEX account:

  1. Log in to BitMEX
  2. Click ‘Account’ tab
  3. Click deposit
  4. Send bitcoin to the address shown.

Create BitMEX account API key:

  1. Log in to BitMEX
  2. Click ‘Account’ tab
  3. Click ‘API Keys’
  4. Enter a ‘name’
  5. Set ‘Key Permissions’ to ‘Order’
  6. Click ‘Create API Key’
  7. Write down the ‘API Id’ and ‘secret key’

Open a Tokenbot account:

  1. Click Sign up
  2. Follow Tokenbot instructions
  3. Add your BitMEX exchange using the API ‘ID’ and ‘secret key’ that you created.

Now that you have a funded BitMEX trading account that is linked to your Tokenbot account that is linked to your Telegram account

To auto-trade Rez just click on any Tokenbot “🚦enable auto-trading” button within this channel and set the % of BitMEX account equity that you would like to trade with. 

Now everytime that Rez enters/exits a trade, Tokenbot will automatically mirror the trade and enter/exit you into the same trade.

Cancel at anytime by going back into your Tokenbot account settings.

Resources & Support

All the stuff you need to get going

Discord unlock - level 1

5 + 2 =


Easy to understand, single page explanations on indicators, strategies, trend analysis tools and more. Most of these are free and can be found in the Discord channel.

Configuration Settings

We’re constantly adjusting our settings based on market behaviour, sometimes we even have specific settings for certain coins / base pairs.


We carry out Technical and Fundamental analysis on the coins regularly and we let our bot trade based on these (there’s no point in it trading a coin that’s not looking good).

1 to 1 support

We offer 1 to 1 support to help you get under the hood and understand how your bot works a little bit better.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If you get the settings right, you could be achieving an average of 1% per day with your bot… now that may not sound like much, but when you factor in compounding, that can bring in a lot over a year !


Daily Profit


1st Year Profit

Installation and set up

We can do it all for you

You’ve read all of the guides, tried to follow them, discussed it in forums but you just cant get it to work for you… or you just want someone else to do it for you. If you just want to start playing with your bot, we can set it all up for you.


“I can’t believe it took me this long to try it out, so happy that I did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Rusk, London

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